Thursday, July 4, 2013

Moments Away...

Wednesday, July 3,2013. Cloudy weather with mild rainshowers. 

Perfect cuddle weather for some but a work day for me. 

To be in a place quite far from where i live in, (well talking about kilometers/ distance) travel time to Ayala Greenfield Estates was surprisingly faster than my travel time from Taytay to Makati. *whoa*

Roughly less than an hour drive from Makati. Then from SLEX, we took BATANGAS/LUCENA exit and with just around 5mins we got into the area.

Who can ever resist daily majestic views?

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By the way this photo was taken at the village's view deck which boasts of its one of a kind 360 degrees grand views of nature. From where I am, I could see the picturesque 
Mt. Makiling, serene Laguna De Bay, picture perfect Tagaytay Ridge and the vibrant city view of Makati (much appreciated from 6pm onwards).

Me and my colleague, Jesica

I won't regret not being able to sleep extra hours just because i have to get up early to go to work and be here. Waking up early for this, is definitely worth it!!!

Fantastic views are simply PRICELESS.

In time, I hope I could also have my perfect home here!!!

My dream glass house would definitely be perfect here! :)

I hope it'll be sooner than I expected.hehehe

Being in this scenic place is definitely NATURE at its finest!

To be here is such a breather from the hustle and bustle of the metro.

Even if it's time for us to go.. PICTURE PICTURE pa ulit *wink*

One last picture before leaving :)

 (Thanks to Kuya Carlo for taking the picture)

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