Thursday, November 18, 2010

Don't Fit in, STAND OUT!

        I got a text message that caught my attention and I just can’t help but ponder upon it. It goes like this “a wrong thing is wrong even if everybody else is doing it and a right thing is right even if you’re the only person doing it.” It made me realized how important it is to stand up for what is right regardless of the number of people doing the right thing it will always be right. Nothing can bend what is right and in the same token though  many people are doing something wrong that won’t justify it because it is basically wrong.

        In the generation that I am in, it is very prevalent that the youth follow the move of the majority. Some of them just want to tag along the preconceived notion of being cool when you’re into the fad. Entering adulthood brings a lot of temptation to people of my age,. We are no longer considered minors; Everything can be done and new things are offered.

        When I was faced with these situations, I made sure to myself that I know the standards I want to follow and that I should not give in to peer pressure. I remember an instance, when I was asked to attend to a house party almost everybody is drinking alcoholic beverages then everyone was asked to drink when my turn came I refused to take the shot and told them that I don’t drink. They were all shocked but they respect my decision and didn’t force me to drink. With that situation, I realized that in life, we all need to take a stand and we need to be firm with our decision. 
          "Nobody can ever move us it is only when we allow them to."

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