Thursday, July 4, 2013

Beautylosophy in BGC

In search for a new place here in BGC, we come across this skin clinic in Burgos Circle.

This clinic is located at Crescent Park Residences. It's right above EastWest Bank and just beside Manos Nail Lounge.

Upon entering the Skin Center, a sweet, relaxing and sophisticated aroma welcomes you in.

I don't know if there's such thing as sophisticated aroma but that's what i felt being inside.

Curious about what this skin center has to offer.

Jes and I were loaded with so so many questions.

First, we asked about SILK PEEL?

What's Silk Peel by the way?
As discussed by Ms. Molleen Cabardo,  it's an upgraded version of Diamond Peel. 

It makes use of different solutions that will target a specific skin dilemma.

If hyperpigmentation is your skin concern they will infuse Lumixyl solution. For acne problems, they will use a clarifying formula and if you are blessed to have naturally beautiful skin and would just want to add glow to freshen it up and maintain it well then Silk Peel with Vitamin C will be your thing!

Well, I am no expert in skincare or wellness, I'm just curious to know more about it and would love to educate myself on taking care of my skin.

I don't go to skin clinics frequently. As a matter of fact, I have only visited a skin clinic for about 4 times.
I just had warts removal and diamond peel. That's it!

But who can ever resist such welcoming and accommodating staffs of Beautylosophy?
I'm really pleased to know more about beauty skin regimen and skin rejuvenation here.
I just had a BEAUTY 101 Crash course.haha

Thanks to Ms. Molleen and the friendly nurses :)
They are really patient in explaining everything to us *wink*

If you're not into that thing of going to skin clinics for skin rejuvenation, beauty regimen and what not?
You may want to try out their peculiar massage theraphy!

I'm a sweet tooth and have drastically gained weight right after college. Unfortunately, i have given myself a heavy load of fats and cellulite. That is why whenever I see cellulite reduction thing be it a body butter, lotion or any procedure, i'm totally CAPTURED!!!

Intrigued about this LIPOSSAGE thing, it's like a non-invasive LIPO, but way way more affordable because it's just a MASSAGE. WHAT? It's not your typical massage tho, because it's being done by a nurse and specifically designed to target your problem areas. This is a 'hard massage' as explained by Ms. Pau.
Before starting the session, your problem area will be measured for you to gauge the effectivity of LIPOSSAGE and visible results after just 1 session.


 LIPOSSAGE costs Php800/session


If you avail of Lipossage this month, with every 2 sessions come with a free 1 session!!!

So Avail 2 and Get 1 free!!!

They also have other signature massages such as SPORTS MASSAGE and ANTI-STRESS MASSAGE.

So if you avail of 1 signature massage, let's say, LIPOSSAGE and also decided to avail of SPORTS MASSAGE next visit you can freely decide which signature massage you want.

So mix and match your massage :)) haha

HERE'S A PIC of amazing facts about GLUTATHIONE. Click the picture for a larger view :)

I've learned that Glutathione is not merely for whitening. It was originally made or used to clean fatty livers. So it's a liver vitamin with an amazing side effect of whitening. But not only that, with continuous intake/infill of Glutathione for a minimum of 3 months, it could really cause cell regeneration which will give you that oommphh of 'inner glow'.

Also, for working up couples it's advisable to have continuous infilling of Glutathione 1x a week for 3 months. Studies show that it can lead to fertility.

Interesting? :) Wait til you know their irresistible offer for this month! 10 shots of Gluta IV for only PhP 10,000 :) original price at Php 20,000!

Here's our picture with Ms. Molleen Cabardo (Manager)

So what's your Beauty Philosophy? :)

Please care to share some of your tips and experiences as well as your recommended treatment and skin centers!!!

For more information regarding BEAUTYLOSOPHY's services and promos:

Please visit their Facebook Page:
Beautylosophy Body & Skin Rejuvenation Center

Call them up at
(02) 869-7492, 0917-5337546

or Simply Visit them

2G Crescent Park Residences 2nd Ave. cor 30th Street, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, 1630 Taguig

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