Tuesday, November 23, 2010


English. One Word. Four letters.


It's such a strong word for me! Ever since my age started having the suffix 'teen' and now 'ty' (ok i'm old!), DIET has ever been ohh so present in my to-do list and New Year's resolution! 

Why is it so hard for me to lose weight? T_T But as i browse my old pictures and compare those to my recent ones, i told myself that i'm not really fat before. I realized that the more i get frustrated in losing weight, the more i grumble about my figure, the more I EAT :(

Okay I've decided to accept myself regardless of my present body figure. I need to forgive myself for eating too much sweets and for giving my body unwanted thingies :( Okay Sha! FOCUS! know what you really want and Go for it!!! Break your tummy! :))

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